Using data to drive customer ascension

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Customer ascension, for any business,  is one of the most important growth determinants. If you want to see your business thrive and succeed in the near future, you must find a way to make your marketing efforts effective. You cannot blindly market your business and hope that you are appealing to the right clientele.

With the nature of business competition today, you must channel your marketing efforts towards the right client base. Go after leads that you can convert into revenue. For this, you would need to have a good data analyst using the right tools to help you interpret the data you come across on a daily basis.


A lot of managers have some good data at their disposal but they do not know what to do with it. Some can interpret the data correctly but are unable to come up with feasible resolutions based on the data that they have collected.

With the help of a data analyst, you have the right arsenal to help you position yourself in a way that will see you make important strides towards customer success growth. Data analysis is important in introducing ascension and continuity into the business.


How ascension works

With ascension, you do not just keep doing business blindly. You have the data from interaction with your customers, and use this to help you understand the type of customers that you have. This will come in handy when coming up with different products for different client needs.

Customer Ascession

When you are working on customer growth, you have to understand the type of customers that you are working with. There are customers who appreciate freebies and customers who appreciate the premium products and are willing to pay a premium price for them.


Even in your business, you must understand the customer needs and categorize your clientele base into niches. This is simply designing and putting in place an ascension sales funnel. With this model, you are simply offering your products or services to clients in different categories. Through these categories, you will be offering more value to the customer, and at higher prices, as they move through the funnel.


The good thing with this, especially for customer growth, is that you do not leave out any of your customers. Your business will still cater to the customers who love free items, while at the same time still offering quality services to the ones who appreciate premium products and/or services.


The tradeoff, especially for customers who love free products and services is that they get to share with you their email addresses, allowing you to share more information with them as and when they are available. This is a very good idea, given that you can use these contacts to work on your leads, and probably convert the customer from a free product or free service customer to a paying customer, and enriching their value to your business.


In the long run, customer growth and ascension go hand in hand with data collection, analysis, and reporting. Without proper data analysis, it is virtually impossible for you to understand the nature of clients you are dealing with, and you might be sitting on a goldmine without knowing you are.

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