How to use data to effectively market your business

Big Data for Marketing

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In case you are still in the dark about big data or have not heard a thing about it, perhaps you need to consider stepping out from the rock you are living under. Big data is here and big data is the future. Without it, your business would need a serious reality check, because all your efforts towards supposed success would be leading you to failure.

Competition is rife in all market segments at the moment, and it only gets stiffer with time. To sustain your business in a position where you can effectively compete in the industry, you must learn how to use data to effectively market your business.

Big data has become a necessary ingredient towards the creation of successful business models, and more importantly turning your marketing campaign into an efficient lead generation champion. But, what is big data?


Big Data

Data is any information that you have on the customer, statistics, or any relevant information that your company has accumulated over time. Big data refers to the accumulation of sets of data that you have gathered over the years, which you can use to determine trends and how these can be used to spur your business towards success.

The nature of big data is that it is so vast, that it is impossible for you to analyze it manually. You will need an expert data analyst to implement computational processes to help you leverage and make sense of the data you have.


How do I use big data?

There are several ways of using big data, especially for data driven marketing. First, you have to realize there is a trend, then from there, understand the nature of the trend. An understanding of the customer shopping habits is important because you can find out how your key customers relate to your business.

Data driven marketing Statistics Dashboard

By understanding the demographics of your key customers, it also becomes easier for you to understand the nature of inefficiencies that exist in your workflow. If you have ever had any question about your business processes or the state of your business, this can be answered easily through data analysis.


How companies are using data

A lot of companies already have in place efficient data analysis and reporting protocols. The following are some ways your company can make the best use of data:

  • Segmenting data

This helps you come up with custom advertising strategies which are geared towards meeting the needs of a specific clique of customers.

  • Wasteful marketing

Through data analysis, it is easier for your company to identify advertisements that are not performing well, and eliminate them, or rework them.

  • Demographic trends

In business, demographic trends are important, especially for advertising. This data helps you determine the nature of your customers so that you can appeal to their locations, age groups, income levels or even ethnicities without patronizing your company.

There are so many ways data can help your company, especially from a marketing perspective. Perhaps even more important than how you deliver products and services to clients or marketing to appeal to their needs, big data helps you understand your company better.

Here is a great article on how big data is shaping the supply chains of tomorrow.

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