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Service: Advanced data collection setup and data analysis
Business Description 
The Lexiun Group is a data driven digital marketing agency founded in 2005. Headquartered in the Netherlands, they’re serving clients in 5 different continents, developing marketing strategies for each stage of their customer’s journey.
Lexiun group has different websites and landing pages that are eCommerce and lead generation based projects
  • Enhanced eCommerce setup and Advanced analytics integration (Integration with 3rd party tools)
  • A/B testing
  • Data analysis
  • Funnel setup and analysis
Brief Introduction
My role on this project was to help The Lexiun Group in advanced web analytics setups and configuration for proper data collection to help increase revenue by identifying the right traffic sources and marketing angles that drive high returns on investment and optimizing the websites and landing pages for the best user experience through data analysis. This included, but not limited to advanced analytics setup to ensure that we support the data driven mission of the business and analyze the data collected and experiment data.
  • Need for a comprehensive data tracking system that involves 3rd party apps integration, enhanced eCommerce tracking and funnel tracking
  • Data analysis services
Analysis step
  • I did a Google Analytics audit to determine which settings are missing and fixed them
  • Spoke with the clients to understand their KPIs so that I can advise them on what 3rd party tools to integrate with Google Analytics for comprehensive data
  • Created new properties and configured the settings in Google Analytics for new websites
  • Created funnels for lead generation marketing campaigns
  • Analyzed experiment data for the experiments run within the organization
  • Created reports for data analysis done on the projects
I have been able to continuously provide data related support to the organization for their different projects for more than a year now. The organization can now focus on data driven marketing and increasing revenue and conversion rate for their different projects. By setting up a comprehensive data collection system and analyzing data and providing recommendations on areas of improvement, The Lexiun group are able to comprehensively apply a data driven approach to their marketing strategies and drive highly profitable marketing campaigns for their clients.


“Let me start off by saying, I’m not easily impressed. In the 15 years that we’ve been in business, we’ve worked with hundreds of different contractors. Some of which we’ve worked with for a short period, some of which we’ve developed long-term partnerships with. Anne and her team of specialists belong to the latest. Especially in the field of analytics, technical-know-how alone doesn’t cut it. This is exactly where OB analytics excels and brings tremendous value. Not only are they able to perform complicated technical integrations for your analytics infrastructure or dataware house, but they know how to translate data points into actionable insights. A skill I’ve found to be very rare. We’ve been privileged to work with Anne directly and what I love about working with her, is that I never have to follow up. Tasks and projects are completed on time and correct the first time. I’d recommend OB Analytics in a heartbeat and if you’re still on the fence ask Anne to give you my contacts and I’ll be happy to take that away for you.”
Wytze Van De Belt
Founder & Managing Director, Lexiun Group

Sharing is sweet...Share on FacebookTweet about this on TwitterShare on Google+Share on LinkedInEmail this to someonePin on Pinterest