Future of Web Analytics

future of web analytics

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If you are a smart person, it is always wise to surround yourself with equally smart people. Smart people always plan for the future. In web analytics, the entire concept is about the future. You are using tools that help you understand the interaction that clients have with your website so that you can plan for their future interactions.

That being said, what can we look forward to with respect to the future of web analytics as a whole? A lot of experts construe that the future of web analytics, or anything else for that matter, lies in taking action.

The future of this concept is wide, varied and yields a lot of different opinions, depending on the section of the tech industry to which you belong. Options are available all over the place. Let’s consider some of the possible outcomes here:


Sales Signups

Tell us a bit about you and your business and we'll help you optimize it.


Business intelligence

If there is one area where analytics are certainly going to be a major force, this has to be it. Right now some entities have already started appreciating the need for integration in their work systems. This is key in the ultimate business model. We are looking at the prospect of a neat dashboard or perhaps one company interface.

From this interface, you should be able to access the website and social media, financial, marketing and strategic information/data, all in one place.

Web analytics is core to understanding the behavior of your visitors, while business intelligence, on the other hand, is studying how interest groups interact with your company.


Increased competition

It is incredulous not to look to the future of analytics, and fail to consider the threat that free tools are bringing forth, especially when compared with the premium tools. The likes of MAA and GA are some of the tools that we have to keep an eye on, for they hold a strong promise in revolutionizing the future of the industry.

We could also talk about cloud, but the cloud is already happening, integration on the cloud is the present. But then again, there is still more about integration to take place. Lots of users are yet to fully understand and appreciate the threshold of cloud computing on analytics for their businesses.


In retrospect, the future of this industry should see more involvement with analytics, particularly from customer analytics departments and business intelligence departments. This is primarily as a result of web analytics advancing its core functions from reporting to mining data, scoring and aggregating data between databases online and offline.

I would love to hear your opinion on the future of web analytics. Tell me what you think…

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