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I Like Local


Business Description:
I Like Local is a platform that connects impact conscious travelers with local providers of community based experiences. The platform enables travelers to discover and book experiences easily while local hosts benefit from support in curating experiences, sales & marketing infrastructure.
Our role was to help ILL optimize their checkout process to get more bookings so as to bring them even closer to their mission.

Health Plan Senior – Datawerx

DATA ANALYSIS; Off-line data + online data (FB) integration and analysis

Business Description:
HealthPlanSenior.org has been helping Medicare beneficiaries save money on healthcare related expenses since 2014. Senior Healthcare is not only expensive it’s also confusing and the goal of the business is to reduce healthcare costs.
Our role was to help Health Plan Senior optimize their lead generation funnel to connect their clients with quality and affordable health insurance providers.

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The Lexiun Group


Business Description:
The Lexiun Group is a data driven digital marketing agency founded in 2005. Headquartered in the Netherlands, they’re serving clients in 5 different continents, developing marketing strategies for each stage of their customer’s journey.
Our role in this project was advanced analytics setup to ensure that we support the data driven mission of the business and analyze the data collected and experiment data.