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Little Changes That’ll Make a Big Difference With Your Data

How valuable is your data? A lot can be said about your business by analyzing your data. From this, you can understand your website better, and make simple changes that will eventually yield amazing results. The amount of data generated from your website each day can provide an insight into the way visitors interact not just with the website,[…]

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Business Analytics and Data: Quick Guide on Maximizing on the Easter traffic

Asthe Easter holiday draws closer, many travelers are looking forward to spendingsome quality time away from their normal schedules. Other than those who arerunning away from the hustle and bustle in the city, there are other travelers whoare looking for something new, an exquisite experience. Everyone has somethingto look forward to when Easter is around[…]

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12 Reasons You Should Invest in CRO

What is Conversion Rate Optimization? One of the biggest challenges that webmasters have is getting visitors to their websites. However, that is not sufficient. Getting people to your website is one thing, getting them to do something on the site is another. As a webmaster, you must make good use of the traffic you get[…]


8 Things About Marketing You May Not Have Known

Digital marketing is an element that every brand needs to take seriously. Whether yours is an online business or not, digital marketing should feature heavily in your advertising campaigns. There are several tenets of digital marketing that will have an impact on your target audience, more importantly, predictive analytics. When it comes to digital marketing,[…]

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Why Web Analytics?

Imagine a situation where a doctor needs to provide services to a patient he hasn’t met, talked to and with no information about what the patient’s problem is. This is a situation that is impossible to deal with and even if attempted, it would most likely lead to a wrong diagnosis. Similarly, this is the same situation[…]