We specialize in the Analysis of Data and Business Intelligence to help organizations make data-driven decisions & optimize conversion rate


With data & web analytics, we help your business track and measure marketing campaigns, organize & analyze data, optimize your website & mobile app, increase your revenue, raise your conversions, provide predictions and business intelligence to scale up your business.
Web Analytics Configuration & Audit

Data Driven Conversion Rate Optimization

Data Analysis For Business Intelligence

Reporting & Dashboards

White Label Services

Predictive Analytics

How OB Analytics Can Help Your Business

  • We optimize
    • Marketing campaigns and measure their success.
    • All kinds of websites e.g e-commerce websites for improved engagement.
  • Increase conversions through design improvement of your website & UX , increasing consumer retention and improving on revenue/profits.
  • We help you identify an avatar / ideal customer identification so that you can focus your resources on them and find more similar clients for your business
  • We help you measure your customer LTV, Customer retention rate and churn rate to enable you to understand how your customers relate to your business and give you insights on how you can improve your business relationship with your customers
  • We help your business gain and retain an online presence that enables both customers and potential customers quickly and easily find them on the web
  • We help you identify patterns & trends in your data that can be used in critical decision making in your company.


OB Analytics is a data analytics brand with great experience in the data analytics field. We strive to ensure that your business stays ahead of competition, improve on your business as well as better your relationship with your clients.
Want to make informed decisions about improving your business?
Data analysis is key

Data is fundamental to every business’ success. Data helps identify new opportunities that in-turn lead to:

  • Smarter business moves
  • More efficient operations
  • Higher Profits
  • Happier Customers

We specialize in:

  • Comprehensive data collection, basic & advanced data collection configurations.
  • Data analytics for Business Intelligence (BI) and informed decision making
  • Analytics Audit for Google Analytics Accounts
  • e-Commerce, avatar identification, user behaviour tracking and analysis, measurement of return on investment (ROI)
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Dashboards & Reports

  • Quality
  • Data Integrity
  • Security
  • Reliability

Current Clients

Weirdo is a research-driven design for product/market fit company that helps unique product companies find their market and their brand.

I Like Local is a platform that connects impact conscious travelers with local providers of community based experiences. The platform enables travelers to discover and book local experiences easily.

HealthPlan USA exists to simplify health care and make it affordable for the millions of people in the country who need something to complement their insurance.

The Lexiun Group is a data driven digital marketing agency founded in 2005. They’re serving clients in 5 different continents, developing marketing strategies for each stage of their customer’s journey.



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