Using data to drive customer ascension

Google Analytics

For any business, customer ascension is one of the most important growth determinants. If you want to see your business thrive and succeed in the near future, you must find a way to make your marketing efforts effective. You cannot blindly market your business and hope that you are appealing to the right clientele. With[…]

How to use data to effectively market your business

Big Data

In case you are still in the dark about big data or have not heard a thing about it, perhaps you need to consider stepping out from the rock you are living under. Big data is here and big data is the future. Without it, your business would need a serious reality check, because all[…]

Big Data’s Potential Impact on Industries in Africa

big data analytics

There is a lot of hype being generated by big data, and this is deservedly so. So many industries are experiencing change, diverse changes thanks to data. People, companies, markets, and industries need to know that there is no way we can do without big data. This is a concept whose time has come, and[…]

Making Data Driven Decisions Using Web Analytics

data, knowledge and information

Life and everything else around us is changing so fast that we have to constantly make decisions that initiate a chain of events. Each and every piece of data that we need to use will eventually be available on the internet, and accessible in real time. Smart businesses have been using data for a very[…]

Why Web Analytics?

web analytics process

Imagine a situation where a doctor needs to provide services to a patient he hasn’t met, talked to and with no information about what the patient’s problem is. This is a situation that is impossible to deal with and even if attempted, it would most likely lead to a wrong diagnosis. Similarly, this is the same situation[…]

Top Web Analytics Tools

web analytics tools

In my previous post, I emphasized on the need for web analytics and how beneficial it would be for website or online business owners. In this article, we’ll focus on a few web analytics platforms that can help us collect data about visitors to our websites. There are quite a number of web analytics tools that[…]

Future of Web Analytics

future of web analytics

If you are a smart person, it is always wise to surround yourself with equally smart people. Smart people always plan for the future. In web analytics, the entire concept is about the future. You are using tools that help you understand the interaction that clients have with your website so that you can plan[…]